A Fashion Brunch with Beiñ



So last weekend, Maria and I went to an event in the city and we wanted to share it with you all!
The event was called “FASHION BRUNCH Made in Spain“. Before going any further, I’m going to tell you a little bit about this innovative company that hosted it.

So the brunch was brought about by a a spanish company named Beiñ ,whose goal is to bring Spanish designers into the North American market. To do so, they focus on pop up stores, moving around to get everyone’s attention. (I think this is such a neat way to go about expansion.)
To find out more info on their project visit their site: http://www.beinfashionspain.com/en/

The brunch hosted last Sunday at Socarrat Tapas bar was not only made to enjoy their delish tapas…but also to explore some of the collections of the spanish designers Beiñ has brought to the American market.
Who can say no to tapas, a little calimocho and some shopping?! UHHH WE COULDN’T!! BTW, their octopus ‘a feira’ is soo yummy!

The event had a very “at home” vibe which made it all that much more comfortable to shop and be at ease with our American take on fashion.
We had the great opportunity to meet Gloria, the founder and CEO of Beiñ! She’s awesome- so friendly, down to earth, and full of energy.
Maria and I are so excited to be working with her. I know it’s going to be an incredible experience!

Beiñ will be hosting a lot of fun events throughout the month of September in NYC. Don’t miss out!

IMG_8834All these workshops will be held at “The touch of Spain” POP UP STORE in New York at:

501 Lexington Avenue 

Feel free to email us: euroglam@yahoo.com for some more info.

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